Are you ready to increase your profit? Get more clients? Take your business to the next level?

Step It Up! is a coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable and sustainable business you can believe in. This program is a perfect mix of both personalized one-to-one coaching, and group coaching.  It is NOT like any other program where you get materials without personalized business coaching that is tailored to your needs.  You get the individualized attention your business deserves including ”in the moment” situational coaching in a supportive group of entrepreneurs who face similar challenges.  

During this accelerator program, you will be working with your coaches to design a customized action plan that will pay for the program and increase your revenue! Your plan will focus on taking your business and life to the next level.
Step it up!
A business accelerator program
Individual and group  coaching to help you reach your goals. 
Four 1:1 coaching sessions and bi-weekly group “deep dive” calls to support your business and personal goals.
Training and resources to know the best tools in the toolbox.
Accountability to stay on track and keep you focused
Through bi-weekly meetings, weekly prompts, and assignments, you will focus on your next steps, check things off your list, and be strategic with your time.
Through group coaching and short actionable videos every other week you will deepen your understanding of how to grow your business effectively, fast-tracking your progress.
Step It Up! is a comprehensive training and coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and have a meaningful life outside work. You get:

You did not start your business to fail. But right now, your business isn’t working the way you want. Maybe you are ready to make more money. Or maybe you were hoping to achieve more by this point.  Or maybe your business is draining you.

This program is for you if:
* you’re feeling a mix of overwhelm, isolation and confusion about what to do next to grow your business * you have a good sense of what need to do but you'd benefit from a framework and accountability 
* you want to take your business to the next level but don't want to sacrifice work-life balance

It’s time to stop doubting if you really have what it takes to be a successful business owner.

Instead of asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”  Ask yourself, “Why am I trying to do it alone?”
Now you don’t have to.
Let's be honest...
Revenue and profit growth
(you can earn back the cost of this program + more!)
A focus on both personal and professional goals to create better balance
Accountability & clarity to stay focused and reach your goals faster
Strong sales and pricing strategy to stand out from your competition
What are the benefits of the course?
How to grow your list, client outreach and “building your tribe” 
Access to a community and network of like-minded entrepreneurs 
We've worked hard to pack a LOT of value into this program:
  • Private coaching (4 sessions): VALUE = $800
  • Creation of your personal business plan: VALUE =  $600 
  • Facebook group and resources: VALUE =  $300
  • Bi-weekly group coaching and training sessions: VALUE =  $2500
  • Additional video trainings: VALUE =  $600
  • Personalized review of your marketing plan, pricing, sales page, high-end packages and more: VALUE =   $500
  • Strengthfinder assessment, training, and personalized review: VALUE =  $300

The TOTAL value of Step It Up! is $5600 of coaching, training, personal feedback, and materials.

Early bird pricing is $997 through May 17th  (that averages out less than $40/week!)
Step it up!
Tina Hyland is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs grow their business. She runs True Clarity Coaching empowering business owners with clarity and focus to live and work on their terms so they can live out their version of an extraordinary life. 

Tina has 20 years of experience in sales, strategy, systems and customer service. She is a natural teacher and communicator helping her clients go beyond their comfort zones to achieve their financial goals. 
She is a mindset and business coach who focuses on strategy, branding, marketing, mindset, sales training, leadership development, staff management, and building high performing teams.

Your Step it Up! coaches
Danielle Droitsch is a life and career coach, and  a Gallup-trained strengths coach. She runs Time for You Coaching where she works with business owners (and others) in the Washington DC area. She helps business owners lean into their superpowers to grow their business and create their ideal life.  Her approach is to help her clients become more intentional about the business and life they want.  She has 25 years experience working and directing major programs in the nonprofit sector and is a trained lawyer. Danielle is also a Martha Beck certified life coach.

Step it up! is for women who are:

✔ Ready and willing to take decisive action and do what it takes to achieve your goals and dreams (or get the results you crave so badly).
✔ Ready to accept accountability and regular action taking.
✔ Able to set aside time to participate in and then implement the trainings.  
✔ Coachable and willing to do the work necessary to get the results you want.  
✔ Not perfect, and do not have a perfect businesses Willing to lead your business with a heart to serve and do what is best for both you AND your client. 
No need to apply if you are:

✔ Content to keep your business at the size and scope it is right now  
✔ Not ready to take ownership of your business and want to give up
✔ Annoyed by input and feel you already know everything you need to know.  
✔ Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business 
✔ Not willing to commit to spending the time needed on your business during the program.

Step it up!  
What is the cost of the program? 
We are hosting a compressed and discounted "summer" Step It Up program for $997.  
We will be launching the full six month program in the fall of 2019 and the price will never be this low again!

I feel I have already learned a lot about ideal client and creating marketing plans already. What will this program really do for me?
This program is different because you will be following a personal profit growth plan designed for your business. At the very beginning of the program, you will craft your business plan!  Most of your work in this program is you working on your business and pursuing a strategy get more clients and sell premium packages/products/services that create revenue you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

My business is different from any other businesses so think I really need individual help.
We agree! Because we will be working together to build your own personal profit growth plan and will have the benefit of individual feedback, support, and 1:1 coaching, most of this program will feel like a personal business coaching for you. But along the way, you will have the benefits of some group training and interaction with others going through the same process. You will be implementing your personal plan by focusing and honing in on the practices you need the most.
Will I need to travel to meet up with the group or for the 1:1 sessions?
All of the bi-weekly calls will be held via Zoom. And your 1:1 coaching sessions will be either by phone or in person depending on your location and ability to travel. If you wish to do your coaching by phone, that is perfectly fine!

I have vacation and travel planned so worry I won’t make the most out of this program if I can’t participate.
We hope you take some vacation and time off this summer! There will be 9 calls scheduled every two weeks from end of May through early September. We will aim to organize those calls so everyone can attend all or most times. If you cannot join a call, we will record the call so you can listen later.

Will I really make more money by signing up for this program? Even if the price is more than reasonable, it’s still a big investment.
The entire goal of this program is for you to grow your revenue. We will be supporting you to be laser focused on investing you time in the strategies that will find you more clients and make more money by selling your services or products. Our aim is that your plan will pay for the cost of the program + more.ween 9-5 pm EST.


What is the frequency and length of calls?
All calls are 90 minutes in length and will occur between 9-5 pm EST.
We’ll poll members to find the most ideal time for everyone

What if I miss a call?   I already know that i may be away/on vacation for some of this period.
Don't worry!  All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded so that you can listen to them any time. Your weekly trainings and materials are also always available to you.   if you are taking a vacation, there will be ample time to make good progress for this program.  

Do I need to apply to get into the program?
Yes. To get an application form, click "I'm interested!" and let us know you are ready to apply.

How much work will it take?
You will need to set aside 2-3 hours a week to participate in the calls and complete the homework for the course.  The other time will be all about implementing your business plan.

What's the cancellation policy?
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days provided you show up and do 100% of the work. If you decide to leave the program for any reason, you must provide 30 days notice. You will be billed for the duration of the program to date including the value of any individual coaching sessions. We strongly encourage you to stay for the course of the entire program to receive the full benefit.